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Ebook: Making Partner Magic Happen

by Gavriella Schuster. Gavriella is the Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Channels, at Microsoft. She is deeply committed to helping partners build successful businesses by partnering with each other, and with Microsoft, to deliver innovation and new cloud services for customers.

I love my job because I get to take what I am personally passionate about – connecting people – and scale it on a global level. Every day, I meet with partners from around the world who are choosing to build solutions on the Microsoft platform and who rely on our global network to increase their scope and reach. It is gratifying to watch partners join together to deliver increasingly relevant solutions that enable customers on their journey of digital transformation.

For me, partnership means collaboration. When you work with others to expand your business, you open new doors to limitless possibilities. Establishing a partnering mindset can enable you to rapidly extend your capabilities much more quickly than on your own. With partnering, you can go further, faster. By remaining insular, you may limit your own potential. Partnering well requires great self-awareness. Recognizing your value and the strengths you possess
also means acknowledging any limitations you may have on servicing the needs of your customers. Building a partner ecosystem around your business
can increase your opportunities while delivering a more valuable offering to your customers.


Partnering can make the impossible possible.

One of our partners in the UK, Inframon, made, in a very short timeframe, a successful transition from systems integrator to managed services provider. They surrounded themselves with 4 gold partners, creating a mini-ecosystem, with each partner playing a pivotal role in servicing the needs for a complete customer life-cycle delivery model. The partners now each bring the refined, specialized approach of a boutique firm to each step of their customers’ digital transformation journeys, backed by the power and continuity of a true end-to-end cloud enablement organization. Within a year, Inframon had doubled the size of their business and doubled their revenue - landing deals with major brands across the UK including BBC, Rolls Royce and Barclays. This is the type of magic I see every day in our Partner Network.

A platform doesn’t mean much unless people are building on it.

At Microsoft, we know that we thrive through partnerships. We have recognized our own strengths, and we understand our limitations in terms of what we can do, how far we can scale, and how much of our core capabilities we should utilize on our own. Our market success is directly attributable to how we work with and through our partner ecosystem. It is no secret that we are entirely focused on encouraging our partners to build managed services, create
industry solutions and expand on our platform. At Microsoft, we realize that while we build great platforms, it is our partners who transform our platforms
into the vertical solutions that customers need to drive their business. We simply cannot be there at a microlevel for every customer. But our partners can. Partners are close to the customer. They are on the ground, really examining what each customer needs. Digital transformation requires a tremendous amount of innovation, a deep level of industry knowledge, and an ability to respond to those needs with game-changing solutions. It is our job at Microsoft to ensure we continue to deliver the very best security, scalability, speed, and the right tools – so that our partners are best supported to drive innovation.
More than 90% of our revenue comes through partners, and that number increases when you add in our services delivery.


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"MORE THAN A HANDSHAKE Transformative Stories from the Leaders Who Live, Breathe and thrive in the IT Partner Channel"

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