What’s Dynasource all about?

Who are we and why are we here?

The company was recently founded by Peter-Robin Mijderwijk and Richard Bross, who recognized the need for tech companies to be able to match the right professionals to the right project. No recruitment, no sales. Matching great people with great work, partner-to-partner – that’s what we’re about.

Opportunity to share talent

There are many exciting technologies evolving: smart cities, smart cars, smart offices, smart homes. Dynasource creates the opportunity to share talent and capacity within seconds in order to make the biggest impact.

Hyper-specialized Microsoft professionals

We’re changing the way companies are managing their people, experts, and projects. As a partner-to-partner talent-sharing platform, we enable our members to match projects with hyper-specialized Microsoft professionals, and vice-versa.

Connect with people and projects

For partners, Dynasource facilitates team-building based on expertise to better service their customers, efficiently manage resources, and procure larger and multi-technology projects. For experts, Dynasource lets you connect with people and projects that play to your strengths. You are in control, profiles will always be anonymous.

Work together like a network

Dynasource will open the world to you. Search for trusted, competent partners. Find the right expert easily, and connect immediately for the best collaboration. We have a trusted network, recruitment for permanent jobs and recruiters are not allowed in our network. Dynasource facilitates matches between IT Businesses and experts with complementary skills and expertise, allowing you to work together like a network.