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Accelerate your business

Accelerate the digital transformation and deployment of your customers. Find partners, experts and freelancers to work together. Solve expertise and capacity challenges by creating or finding projects. Grow your utilization. Share your expertise. Accelerate your business. It’s easy, sign-up for free!

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A trusted network, endorsed by the Microsoft Partner Network

A trusted network, endorsed by the Microsoft Partner Network

Dynasource offers a trusted network, endorsed by the Microsoft Partner Network, this enables you to connect directly to partners and freelancers without any noise. We verify every registration, not letting recruiters, brokers or other middlemen join. Your experts are anonymous and cannot be directly contacted. Expert certifications can be vetted against the Microsoft Certification Database. You’re in control of what information is shared!

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How Dynasource works

How Dynasource works

Complete your profile. Make detailed searches, compare, and engage instantly with partners, and freelancers for the expertise you need or have. Create or apply to projects. Review your collaborations. Dynasource will be a freemium subscription model, we will not charge based on transactions!

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Expand your network of Microsoft Partners and Experts! Share or find the Microsoft expertise you need or have. Watch our video!

Connect with Microsoft technology partners and freelancers

Dynasource is the #1 global partner to partner marketplace for Microsoft expertise and talent. Connect to other trusted, competent Microsoft technology partners, experts, and freelancers to work together on exciting projects, partner-to-partner – nearby and anywhere in the world. Where can Dynasource take you?

102 countries
127 technologies
2134 partners
  • Melbourne, Australia
    IT4U - Melbourne, Australia
    25 reviews 7.5 Employees 500-1000 Locations Australia, New Zealand Experts 750
  • Istanbul, Turkey
    ICT consultant - Istanbul, Turkey
    10.11.2016 ICT consultant Globex Corporation
    Start date 25 feb 2017 Duration 24 months Career level Senior Language Arabic, Chinese, +1
  • London, England
    Yuna Holmes - London, England
    Yuna Holmes Database administrator
    12 reviews 7.5 Technology Oracle MySQL Career level Intermediate Language English, French Company
  • Naples, Italy
    Tech Corp International - Naples, Italy
    Tech Corp International
    18 reviews 8 Employees 500-1000 Locations Netherlands, Spain, Italy Experts 256
  • Paris, France
    Solutions Architect - Paris, France
    10.11.2016 Solutions Architect Delos IT
    Start date 1 april 2017 Duration 5 months Career level Novice Language French, English
  • Leiden, The Netherlands
    Jasmijn de Laat - Leiden, The Netherlands
    Jasmijn de Laat UX Designer Razorfish inc.
    23 reviews 8 Technology Xamarin Career level Senior Language Dutch, English Company
  • Warsaw, Poland
    C2 Mobile - Warsaw, Poland
    C2 Mobile
    9 reviews 8.5 Employees 50-100 Locations Poland Experts 65
  • Manchester, England
    Technical architect - Manchester, England
    10.11.2016 Technical architect Initech
    Start date 1 dec 2016 Duration 12 months Career level Intermediate Language English, German, +1
  • Talinn, Estonia
    Aleksander Rebane - Talinn, Estonia
    Aleksander Rebane Developer Talinnext
    19 reviews 7 Technology Xamarin Career level Senior Language Estonian, English Company
  • Dublin, Ireland
    Seburo - Dublin, Ireland
    2 reviews 9 Employees 10-50 Locations Ireland Experts 25
  • Oslo, Norway
    Jan Hammer - Oslo, Norway
    Jan Hammer Xamarin developer Razorfish inc.
    9 reviews 9 Technology Xamarin Career level Intermediate Language Norwegian, English Company
712 freelancers
10277 experts
891 connections

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